5 Herbs That Are Easy To Grow At Home

Planting a herb garden is a great way for you to start your gardening experience. If you’re new to gardening, you can plant different herbs with multiple purposes such as homemade skincare products [1], aromatherapy, and cooking. Fresh herbs like rosemary and basil can be added to just about anything, be it your vegetables, pasta, or roasted meat. They’ll take the flavour of your food to a whole other level and make it taste even better. This article will explore 5 easy herbs to grow at home.

Herbs are easy to grow and require less maintenance than other plants. They are also cheaper than many other plants, and they can grow both indoors or out. In this article we’ll explore five easy to grow herbs that will freshen your home and give you a fragrant garden. But first, follow these tips to achieve success.

1: Choose a nice sunny spot

Herbs need about six to eight hours of bright sunlight to thrive, which is why you should grow them in an area that gets the most sunlight. If you have a problem with sunlight, do not worry, because there are many other ways to get the job done! Try investing in LED grow lights and clamps to make your indoor gardening a success.

2: Get some decent planting pots

It’s important to choose pots that are right for your herbs. Pots with drain holes in the bottom will make watering and drainage easier. These pots can be placed in planters without holes to protect your floors and prevent water-logging.

3: Choose the right soil

For herb gardens in pots, you can’t go wrong with peat-free high organic matter potting soil. Experts recommend staying away from peat [2], as it does not provide sustainable resources.

4: Choosing easy to grow herbs

When you’ve got your pot and soil, it’s time to figure out which herbs to plant. It’s best to start with those that you use most often. If you always look for parsley, why not grow it? If you’re always craving the flavor of a fresh bay leaf, why not grow one? Remember that your indoor garden can be a way to inspire and augment with cooking. You should not grow all the food you eat. Select your herbs wisely.

Below are five herbs that are easy to grow and would make a great addition to your herb garden.

  1. Basil. To grow basil, look for a south-facing window with plenty of warmth and sun. To grow basil from the seeds, water them when they are soil level and when it’s time to harvest, do so from the middle of the plant. Leave large leaves at the bottom to aid plant growth.
  2. Parsley. This is another sun lover. It can be grown from seed and you can harvest it by cutting the stem halfway down, allowing new shoots to sprout from the base.
  3. Rosemary. Rosemary is a fragrant herb that also has culinary uses. It not only adds flavor to your food, but also freshens the air with its pungent scent. You can replant your plant by cutting off its roots and putting them in a pot. Keep the potting soil moist until you see new growth.
  4. Bay. This perennial herb should be kept in an east- or west-facing window. It requires air circulation to stay healthy, so avoid crowding it.
  5. Thyme. Thyme requires full sun and a lot of space. It spreads over the ground, so either give it enough space or cut it back to the size of your choice. The plant is harvested all year round. You should cut the stem halfway down and pull out the leaves to use them.

Planting herbs is a great way to spice up your kitchen. You can grow a herb garden and have fresh herbs all year round with just a few minutes of work each week.

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