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Permaculture: a method of living which uses nature’s resources and cycles

Permaculture is a method of living which uses nature’s resources and cycles to meet our needs while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment. Permaculture is sustainable and can be easily implemented into everyones daily life. The ethics are rooted in an ethical framework for human development and are based on clear values: Care for…

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The benefits of worm composting

Composting is an amazingly useful practice that works to improve the ecological systems of a home while also reducing the amount of waste going into landfills and the risk of undesirable odors. Worm composting is a method to create high-quality compost out of kitchen scraps, garden waste, and other organic materials. Not only does worm…

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What is urban farming and its importance

Urban farms are popping up all over the place. These homegrown commercial gardens are often built out of the backyards or rooftops of houses and apartments, and are providing more space for growing food than most urban neighborhoods. Urban agriculture has become an effective way of providing low-income neighborhoods with easy access to fresh fruits…

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The Permaculture ethics – what are they?

Permaculture is the design of sustainable human settlements. It is a framework for creating sustainable and resilient communities, homes, landscapes, and ecosystems through the integration of key principles. Permaculture is not about wilderness living or an escape from society. It’s about using patterns from nature to provide a good life for humans everywhere. The ethics…

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How to build a composting toilet

Sorry, did you say “composting toilets”? In the future, human waste will be a valuable resource instead of just something gross to get rid of. Currently over 90% water, excrement will just wash back into the atmosphere like a good rain. There is a small amount of remaining solid material, but it uses natural decomposition…

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How to choose the right composting bin for you

You know how you recycle paper, plastic and cans and take your trash to the curb, but what about your vegetables, fruit and other food waste? You can compost that instead, so you can take your green waste to a local recycling center and make money or save money. This article will teach you how.…

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